Full line edit

 I’ve not blogged for a while, partly because editing has consumed me, partly because I’d been waiting for my manuscript to come back from the wonderful Katherine Trail and partly because I’d taken time out to have some fun over summer (okay, and autumn). See below: a picture of me having some fun…

But now I’m back to it, I’ve received my manuscript this week after having a full line edit done and I have to say, as a new writer it has been one of the most valuable investments I could have made. A good line editor isn’t cheap, but if you’re new you can learn so much from the process and really polish your work.

Katherine looked at the usual issues surrounding spelling, punctuation and grammar but also formatting inconsistencies, vocabulary and phrasing. She put together a style sheet to enable me to remain consistent in any other books I may wish to produce as part of the series and also addressed timeline and character issues. Not only did she do all of this, she noted WHY she’d made the changes, this for me was my learning curve. I now have to assess the changes which is a lengthy task but it will be my final edit. Cue fireworks…


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